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Navneet sir plz analyse my chart

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    Hello sir,
    DOB 12th oct 1985
    Time 1:40 pm
    Place NANAUTA , UTTAR PRADESH (near Saharanpur)
    I practiced shastriya sangeet for sic year during my childhood and won many awards in that. But family did not support there.
    Sir I am currently working in Information Security department in private sector in MNC.
    I have struggled a lot to achieve what I deserved and what I have today. I’m a hardworking, responsible person (as I know and others say) doing all my duties with 100%.
    I still can’t have what I actually deserve based on my qualification and the quality of my work due to politics at work place. Please let me know how my career is going to shape in coming years. Any big opportunities I am going to get. I am currently wearing Neelam stone.

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    Wear an emerald of at least 8 carats and keep working hard there are chances of you getting promotion before the end of this year 🙂

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      Thank you for replying sir, can you please tell me which ascendant I am? Aquarius ascendant or Capricorn ascendant? Also let me know is there any career for me in music in future. I am not able to forget my love for shastriya sangeet.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Yourlagna is Makara(Capricorn)3degrees..If it is in the last degrees of
    Capricorn,there can be some doubt whether it is CApricorn or Aquarius.
    Here lagna is in the beginning of Capricorn.
    Sani is in 11th house and seeing your lagna.
    So,success and prosperity will not come you so easily.
    Sani is seeing moon also.
    So,you have to face many obstacles.
    Good point–
    Budha in 10th house shows that you are very intelligent.
    There is very powerful raja yoga.
    So,you will succeed in career,though delayedly.

    Moon and Mars are seeing second house.
    It is good very good placement for improving
    oral talents like music ,oratory etc.

    YOu have to do penance for one year to reduce the
    negativity of Sani on Lagna and moon.
    Please read article on penance in google-
    kumrao99 penance method

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      Thank you sir for this much information. Can you also let me know is there foreign travel yoga in near future in my profession. If yes then when are the possibilities?

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