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neech bhanga raj yoga

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      dob 14 april 1978
      time 7 :45 am
      place : delhi

      i have mercury retrograde combust and debitilated in 11 th house in pisces sign but in own star revati and mercury being 2 nd lord and 5 th lord exchange house with 11 th lord jupiter , a parivartan yoga making a dhana yoga
      will my mercury attains neechbhanga
      will coming mercury mahadasha will be good , it will activate dhana yoga and neech bhanga

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      Looks like your Mercury mahadasa will bring you some inherited wealth. It will not bring any neechbhanga rajayoga. However when you work for ₹100, it will bring returns of ₹124 approximately. For full evaluation you can come through Paid consultation.

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