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Need encouragement

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    Bharat Bhardwaj

    I Am worried about my career.
    bs smjh nhi aa rha mereko kya kru SB try kr liya. Now I have realized that there is nothing in our hand and everything is in some kind of automation.
    Kuch hoga mera future me 25 ka ho gya bs thodi apna sa smjh ke bta do ap.

    DoB: 24Dec1992
    Place:Aligarh, UP

    I will be highly thankful.

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    If your time of birth/date are right, you have a very good horoscope as most planets are placed in 9/10/11 house which shows great focus on career and desire fulfillment. You can rise to good status, prestige and standing in LIFE!!

    Most of your planets have good combinations for success in nakshatra and sublord as well + cuspal sublord of 10th house Venus is placed in house of gains with Saturn. Following are few things that could be cause of your depression

    1) Your moon is deep combust and this makes native prone to mood swings/depression
    2) Your mercury is closely conjunct with Rahu thereby causing unsual thoughts in mind
    3) Saturn aspecting Jupiter in lagna chart can give depression
    4) Pisces ascendant are generally very sensitive
    5) Your SadeSati has started and as Saturn will transit over moon + Sun together, it will reboot your career (while hitting your ego)

    Some thoughts/suggestions
    * Your great time will start from 22/7/2019 when Moon Mahadasha comes in and it will give you great results.
    * Changes/travel will benefit you as 3rd lord Venus is placed in 11th house with Saturn, also lagna lord Jupiter is aspecting 12th house (being placed in 6th house in Chalit)
    * Saturn being 11th lord and placed there will give gains post hardwork. So action and hardwork is your key to success
    * Wearing Pukhraj or chanting Jupiter beej mantra 1000 times a day will help you in getting mental peace, stability of thought and become more action oriented

    May god bless you and there is no substitute for hardwork/dedication
    Astrologer Deepaj

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao

    YOUr lagna is Meena.
    1.Lagna owner Guru is in seventh house and protecting lagna.
    YOu will be saved by Guru in many bad situations.
    Guru in seventh house kendra gives raja yoga,as first house
    owner is in seventh house(kendra).
    2.You got another raja yoga,as ninth house owner Kuja is in
    fourth house.
    3.Sun in 10th house supports raja yoga.
    3.YOu are carrying negative load on your head from your previous
    birth,as Sani is seeing lagna.
    Sani is neutralising the good effects of Guru on lagna.
    It is absolutely necessary for you to do penance
    for one or two years to reduce the evil effects of
    Sani on Lagna.
    4.UPanishads say -Aapo Brahma..It means water is God.
    You should take daily two baths with cold water.
    One of them should be on head.
    5.YOu will constant ailment as Sani is seeing lagna.
    Astrology and Ayurveda are sister sciences.
    Ginger has got great importance in Ayurveda.
    Daily eat 10gms of ginger.
    6.Purchase Amritarishta bottle from Ayurveda shop.
    It contains liquid extract of herb Guduchi.
    It costs rs 120.
    Daily drink 20drops of that liquid medicine.
    Ayurveda says Guduchi removes so many doshas in
    body.Bad planets cause doshas in body,due to
    your Prarabdha(Past life bad Karma).
    7.Penance means undertake fasting for one day in
    a week.YOu can eat uncooked vegetables on the day of

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    Bharat Bhardwaj

    thanks a lot Sir Deepak one more thing, if I fail to get a living standards that I am trying for, will my better half understand me ?

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    Bharat Bhardwaj

    Thank you very much Sir K.U. Rao for your kind concern.

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    Don’t think about failure and focus on your karma/effort, as mentioned your horoscope is good.

    Moon Mahadasha from 2019 will be good for married life as well as Moon has Mercury as sub-lord (Mercury is lord of 7th house)and both Moon & Mercury are placed in 9th house in Chalit.

    Good Luck,
    Astrologer Deepak

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    Bharat Bhardwaj

    thanks again.

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