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Need help. No peace

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      I am facing severe depression from December 2019 . I don’t know but somehow all the people who had hurt me in past are haunting me and all the bad and horrible memories from past are just resurfacing. I am in two minds either to commit suicide or to kill everyone who did wrong to me. I just can’t take it now. I desperately need help.


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      Moon, Mercury and Jupiter are extremely bad in your natal horoscope. A change of place to somewhere far away could help you by having a better transit horoscope which you should check when you find such a possible place.

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      Thanks for responding to my query.In these times of covid -19 virus spread it won’t be possible to relocate. But taking a cue from your advice, today I have started to go for long walks to get away and find some respite from the mental trauma I was facing.
      It would be kind enough if you please delete this thread for privacy reasons.

      Thanks for your guidance.

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