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Need to know about my next 2 years

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      Rahul Arora

      Need to know little bit abt my next 2 years.01/10/1983 530 on Delhi

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      Rahul Arora

      530 pm

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      Astrologer Akash

      Ke 2022-08-02 to 2023-07-08
      May move towards spirituality, long distance travel, may come across a Guru

      Ve 2023-07-08 to 2026-03-08

      Issues in marriage/relationship, minor health issues related to bp, food or skin and can also have a near death experience

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      rahul arora

      What should I do to improve the relationship? How about the career and financial situation?

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      Career and returns therefrom could be better from mid-2023.

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