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need to solve Relationship problems

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      Sir please tell me whether good days are there for me in life?me and husband and i living seperately.will we live together in near future?iam depressed with my life.i think iam a very bad luck person.sometimes i want to stop my life forcibly but cant doing that bcoz with little hope my husband may come.please astrologers i dont want any material gain i just need his love and i want to be with him in pain and happy moments.sir when i want to go in a good path why god is not helping me?sorry for my english.iam very much depressed this hopless life.
      My dob:13/09/1985
      Sir he dont have correct birth details.

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      I think it would be better to find a job and that will reduce your pains. Your seventh house Lord has only less than 1% residential strength and is highly malefic which is why your marital life is in doldrums. Read Srimad Maha Bhagavatham daily which will ease your mind and be happy in life.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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