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      Dear Sir,

      I was working in Dubai for almost 3 yrs but then i lost my job ….after a break of 2 years with no income i went to Canada for my higher education.

      But even with this education i did not get a Job, in spite of getting good marks.

      Sir i realize i am not very lucky when it comes to Jobs but i have been told that my Mars is favorable and also Venus.

      I am also having all comforts when i am home but while i’m far my troubles begin.

      I want to invest in real estate, by buying land and to open a small guest house with the help of my father who also wants to do this.

      Please suggest i am turning old and need to settle down in life to fulfill my karmic responsibilities towards my parents, as it is very frustrating to have no income.

      18th March 1985
      2:02 am Lucknow ( 2:02 am night)
      Lucknow India

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      I have already replied to your question in this forum today.

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