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not getting work or job -prolonged time

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    Sir ..I am.unable to getvany job or work since long time
    despite many remedies n efforts .
    Shani sade satI started in 2006 ending nov 2014 .Mahadasha
    of shani started from 2012 ……is this dasa n pattern
    is only reason.??

    Any hope near future to get good job…???

    my dob 15/02/1971 @06:14 am born Rajpura in punjab.

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    You have a very weak horoscope with a net strength of 37.22% with a career house strength of 30.04% and a gains house of 29.47%. And your Saturn is highly malefic too and Saturn’s dasa is going on till 2031. The only good factor in your horoscope is you have people to help you and no enemies or indebtedness with above average house of luck which will sustain you through your life. I think you should not depend on a paid job and try to do something on your own perhaps with the help of your brother/sisters/friends and other well wishers. You have survived till 43 years and you will continue to survive for the rest of your life too. Recite Narayanakavacham and Navagrahasthothram daily as many times as possible if you believe in Hinduism or any other verses of praise of God and God will help you through. And His blessings will allow to have a smooth sailing in life.

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