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please please please tell me my wife beautiful or not ?

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    my date of birth 9/martch/1998 Monday morning 8.35am state -andra pradesh city-rajahmundry
    please tell me my wife very beautiful ornot?because my natal shows 7th house shows empty that’swhy i am asking this question tell me venus is very strong in my birth chart or not?please tell me

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    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. What appears to be beautiful to you may not be beautiful to others. “Bhinna Ruchir ha loka” says Kalidasa.

    Your marital house 7th house is one of the most powerful houses in your charts. And you are very lucky too(9th house). And your Bed pleasures indicated by the 12th house is equally powerful. So it should be concluded that your marriage will be very happy and successful.

    You must now concentrate on your Career house which is a bit weak. And your house of Gains is also poor. So acquire adequate suitable qualifications to be successful in your career.

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      tell me venus is very strong in my chart or notnot? my wife lovesvery strong sexualrelationship with me or not ?because my ex-lover she doesn’t like me in sex first sshe likes me well but she cheats me she
      fully used me that’swhy iam asking
      atleast tell me my future wife strong sexual relationship with me or not ?

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Your lagna is Mesha.
    Yes,you are correct that your seventh house is empty.
    Sukra is in tenth house.It is very good in your horosocpe.
    You will have high profile wife and you will have very good career.

    Sani is very bad planet for your lagna.
    Sani is in 12th house..Sani is seeing your second house.
    It means that you face some finance problems now and then.
    It also means that you face problems from your wife.

    Further Kuja is also in 12th house.Kuja is seeing
    your seventh house..It indicates in marriage.

    As Sukra is very strong,you will have a beautiful wife.

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