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Promotion when Will I Get

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      I am a working woman.I am expecting promotion by July 2014 in my career . will I get it?

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      -12:45 PM,Kanpur

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      Astrology is to be used for solving your problems if you have any. It cannot be used for predicting events such as when you will get a promotion or when you will take your next leave and go for a vacation and where will you go for a holiday etc.

      Yes you can find out the overall success in your career and associated gains therefrom as well as the measure of your job satisfaction etc. Please read my articles on this site as well as in

      And if you still feel that such questions can be answered using astrology, do let me know.

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      Boney Upadhyay


      My D.O.B – 18/08/1994
      Place – Ahmedabad,Gujarat
      Time – 8:55 AM

      Currently,I am pursuing Btech in computer engineering(1st year),but i am not satisfied with my life…
      I am having 3 questions:
      1) I am planning to study my btech in abroad… what should i do?
      Is it a right decision of mine?

      2) Is there any chances of mine in film industry or modelling??

      3) What is the purpose of my life?? What should i do to get the maximum output from my life???

      Thanks in advance…

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      To study abroad, you should first learn to use English language correctly. Your first question is wrongly worded. Can you find the mistake.

      Your second question is also having a grammatical mistake.

      The answer to the third question is work hard with diligence and dedication.

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