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      Subrat Kumar Behera

      Subrat Kumar Behera
      Born in Badasahi,Mayurbhanj ,Odisha
      05th February 1994
      Zodiac sign : Gemini

      Hello Sir , I am currently working in IT company (TCS) in the same company from staring of my career for more than 6 years but no onsite opportunity (visa process cancelled due to COVID) /no promotion and financial growth . Now it is demotivating me to work without any opportunities . What is the future of my career ? Will I continue in the same company and wait for onsite opportunity /Promotion ? or Will I get any change company and some increase in salary or promotion ?

      Kindly advise
      Thank you

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      All the planets in your horoscope are weak malefics and that is why your career is not pushing forward. Once you get married with a suitable girl, your future will turn for the better. Read my blog

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