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Question about Second Marriage Timing

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      DOB: December 16, 1980
      Place of Birth: Bombay, India
      Time of Birth: 6:30 AM

      I married at 21 years and was divorced this year at 33 years of age. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me at what age I will be remarried. My first marriage was to an American and I reside in America with two children.

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      There is nothing like a second marriage. Marriage is the union of body, mind and soul which you already had many times in your life. In Astrology, marriage for the first time in one’s life is only indicated and thereafter it can be repeated any number of times with one or more persons. Do read my articles on ‘Definitions in Astrology’ on

      It is only wayside astrologers who predict multiple marriages without any knowledge of the science underlying Astrology.

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      Thank you, I appreciate you responding to my question. I had one astrologer tell me 2017 so I was curious to get another opinion. I will be sure to read your article to learn more.

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      mehta, Heetali

      Born date 21st oct 1992
      Time – 00:40am
      Place – gujrat dhoraji
      I was curious to find what my childhood astrologer told me …
      He said I will be having very tough life in future..hell lot of problems
      Is it true sir?

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      I have answered many questions to you free. If you want a scientific evaluation of your horoscope, come through premium services.

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      Your chart indicates the divorce may have happened in Jan/Feb itself this year. There is a very good chance of second marriage in Sept 2015. You can be advised some remedies which would further increase the probability of the event happening.
      Infact divorce like conditions would have appeared in 2003 & 2004 also. But relationship could have shown some improvement in 2005.
      As per dasa your marriage could have happened either in Oct-Nov 2001 or Oct-Nov 2002.

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      Sgoswami, my deepest gratitude for responding to my question. You are correct, I was married in Oct 2002.

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