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Rakshas gana and Manusya gana

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      I m a girl. And my date of birth is 2 april 1993 and timing is 5:1min pm
      And i want to marry boy who’s date of birth is 13 april 1991 and timing is 4.20 pm.. And his gana is Manusya
      I love him.. I want to maary him but i want to know is this marriage is not good for his life.. If i will marry to him.. He will died? And i want some solution

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      If you marry him, he will not die. Be sure of that.There is No solution required. If you want to check horoscope matching, you will have to give your places of birth also.

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      Akansha More

      My birthday date is 27/10/1995 time 6:00 am place -mumbai, and i want to marry guy his birthday date – 19/9/1994 time 7: pm we both have same nadi adi can we marry,if we marry any problem we faced……and what is a solution for that….

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      If your horoscopes do not match well, married life will be miserable and there could even be separations. To check horoscope matching, come through Paid consultation after reading through my article “Scientific horoscope matching for marriage” on this website.

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