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Regarding Marriage Life

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      V L J

      Already First Marriage ended in Divorce (No Child). Second Marriage status is currently Separated without Divorce (No Child yet). Will there be Second Divorce or Reconciliation or remain separated without Divorce. Should he try for Third Marriage (parents desire) if Second ends or should he remain alone for the rest of life.

      Male, 20 June 1980, Chennai, 20:35 PM (Astro details)

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      His experiences in life belies his horoscope which has a fairly good marital bliss with prosperous children etc. May be his birth details are inaccurate or the horoscope matching has not been done by expert astrologers. Come through Paid consultation for a full scientific evaluation of his horoscope after reading Navagraha Astrology Online

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      Dear V LJ,

      1. Seems that You can have many physical relations
      2. House of domestic happiness and lord that is 4th house and Lord are weak
      3. Lord Venus placed in own sign but weak
      4. Rahu and Ketu arealso creating issues
      There are many other weakness and issues in your Birth chart.. need to check very minutely , can not be done for FREE.

      contact Me only if you wish to GET A PAID CONSULTATION.

      Astrologer Sourav

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