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Regarding Marriage when will i marry

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      My DOB -8/5/1984 Female
      Time- 2:57 pm
      Pls tell me when i will get married?? Dear forum experts please read my horoscope and kindly guide

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      Your horoscope has a weak net Residential strength of planets with 37.20% only as given below.

      Planet Residential Strength

      Sun 53.06
      Moon 10.40
      Mars 94.54
      Mercury 72.06
      Jupiter 38.67
      Venus 21.17
      Saturn 38.74
      Rahu 3.08
      Kethu 3.08

      I presume you should get married in Oct 2014 to Sept 2015 though there can be hindrances due to the poor strength of Saturn. Let us wait and see.

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