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      I lost job last year. Whether I will get job Or not. My birth details are

      Name: vel

      Date of birth: 1st feb 1973

      Time: 22:11(night 10:11 pm)

      Place: vellore, Tamilnadu, India

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      4 planets in your horoscope are very weak. You are unlikely to get a suitable job in the near future. May be you will get one in 2024.

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      Hello Vel,

      You have Ketu in your tenth house (house assessed for career/job)/ Ketu is a great seperator. You went though a Ketu Antarfdasha that ended by Aug 2020. Did your problems with the job start in 2019-2020 time frame?

      In your Dasamsa chart, you have Saturn Rahu combination in the tenth house which is a bit problematic.

      However, you are currently going through Jupiter Mahadasha and Venus antardasha. Venus aspects your 11th house of income from 5th house. Because of Ketu in your tenth house and Rahu+Saturn in tenth house of Dasamsa, there are going to be frustrations. The best approach is to combine the traits of Rahu-Ketu-Saturn in your career. Ketu is spirituality, isolation, seperation. Saturn is long term service, hard work. Rahu is technology. If you can find a remote working technology job that is very service oriented (Such as IT support manager or team leader, back office support leader who works remotely) you may find success.

      Please do pray to Ganesha. Ganesha is the vighnahartaa and is Ketu’s deity. Also please see if you can find a guru. And by guru I don’t mean just a spiritual Guru, but a strong mentor who will help during these times. You are going through a mahadasha-antardasha of two gurus (Jupiter and Venus), so having a mentor/guru will help immensely.

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