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Sani dasa – will it help in earning income

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      Sir ,

      My date of birth is 29/3/1973 time is 20.50 and place is Chennai .
      I have been taking shloka and carnatic music class for two kids for the past 3 years. Suddenly out of a reference by one of them I have been getting offers to teach nearly 6 students through Skype classes . All these happened after March 25 Th 2020. All my students are NRI children . Will this increase in sudden income continue for some time ? Else is it because of rahu bhukthi now ?
      Also will my Sani dasa help in acquiring qualification in music as a degree and help me in stabilising this as career ? Please guide sir

      Thank you

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      Saturn is not well placed in your horoscope for helping career progression. It is a malefic too. Do not expect much in his Mahadasa. Make the hay while the sun shines. You can try to set up a music class online which will help you in having a moderate career. Do not expect miracles.

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