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Separated and Unemployed

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    31 year old male born on 2.11.86 at 10.30pm in Chirala. I am separated for past two years with no communication from my wife end and bo concrete reason too. I have filled now for divorce but it’s stagnated. Unable to focus on career and jobless for 2 years now. Was working in IT field but now not able to prepare attend interview succeed and get back to a job suitable for me. Worried about my life. Will I get a job soon? Will i get legally divorced and get married again to someone i am interested to restart my life?

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    Your 7th and 10th houses indicating Marital bliss and Career success are the weakest in your horoscope which should be borne in mind. By October 2018 you will get a good career, do your best there and then think about re=marriage. May be you could have a reunion. Read my blog

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    Are You Gemini Asc or Cancer Asc?

    If Gemini, then due to weak 4th Lord and Presence of Ketu in 4th house caused the Separation. However, As You are saying She left You without any concrete reason, in that case I feel, probably You are of Cancer Asc.

    However, taking as Gemini Asc, You shall get a Job after 15th January, 2018.

    For detailed Analysis, You need to get a PAID consultation from me,

    Astrologer Sourav.

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      Yes I am a gemini ascendant. She claimed all of a sudden that i am manglik and she can’t be with me for 2 years or so and followed her parents advise to take up a project in abroad. It’s been more than 2 years now and after filing the case she seem to dragging the case but not strongly showing any interest for reconciliation or to legally get separated. Her family doesn’t wanna talk too but all they do is drag the case to avoid a bad name as if divorced daughter i guess.

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    Dear Chinna,

    Sorry to say but You seem to be of nonadjustable nature. Presence of weak Jupiter in 9th house, (Jupiter also rules wishdom and responsibilities, so probably You are weak in this areas) as weak compelling You to take interest in some other girl.
    Only planetary placements are weak and no any strong indicator of divorce are there.So, check if You can reconcile with her. You need the support of Remedies. Anyways, For better understanding and detailed analysis, come through paid consultation. Please stop asking any further free queries to me.

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