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Severe health and life issues: Please help

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      Sidharth Gupta

      I am Sidharth Gupta. My details and case history as below.

      D.O.B – 17/04/1981
      Time – 7:20 PM

      Case History: I am a software engineer by profession. I met a miss-happening in the year 2007. I was on an onsite assignment at Jakarta, Indonesia, where I met a miss-happening and struck a Spinal Cord Injury in the month June 2007. I had a C5 vertebrae fracture. I had my operation in Jakarta and was laid completely bed ridden thereafter, I was shifted to ISIC Hospital, Delhi in July 2007, where I received further treatment of occupational and Physiotherapy till Jan  2008. During this duration, I regain strength in my upper limbs but not fully. No strength in my fingers today even. Thereafter I started searching for a job and got my first opportunity in October 2010 and I started working from home. I continued this till 1st of April 2020. Till long this period my father and mother took care of day to day activities. My mother expired on 2nd April 2018 where after my father took care of me. However after my father expired on 1st April 2020 I was laid completely helpless.

      I became completely dependent on my elder brother who has his own family. He faced difficulties to take care of my day to day activities due to his own responsibilities. It was decided by us for me to get admitted to a Assisted Living center which also provides daily health care to its patients. I have been admitted here since 20th August 2020.

      Today I am highly frustrated and clueless in life. Please tell me what’s in store in my future.
      1. Are there any chances of recovery? If yes then by when.
      2. If not how many more years do I need to live with this injury?
      3. Any other predictions will be helpful.

      Thank you,

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      Your critical period in life is the period 16 Nov 2022 to 30 March 2023 during the Mercury Pratyantardasa in Venus antardasa of Jupiter Mahadasa. Till then you will definitely have progressive recovery. If you will survive the critical period, you will definitely live up to 2047.

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      Sidharth Gupta

      Dear sir thank you for your reply. Whatever the recovery I had it was only in the first year. Could you also please let me know if I would be suffering of some critical illness during the critical period?

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