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Shani Mahadasha And Sade Sati

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      I have had a very good career so far and my Jupiter Mahadasha has now ended. After that despite excellent education and experience, I am struggling to find a good job. I am getting jobs but not the jobs that I want.
      Please kindly advise what is my life and especially my career during the Shani Mahadasha of 19 years. I’m also in the period of Saturn Sadhe satti.

      This has never happened to me before.

      My birth details are

      3rd January 1978, Place – Mumbai ,
      Time – 21.10

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      Your Saturn is quite powerful in your horoscope and is a benefic. So you need to have no apprehensions that Saturn is bad for you. Perhaps you could have a change in the nature of your job during Saturn’s period. However in your horoscope the 2nd,4th and 11th houses are weak primarily due to a malefic Sun and weak Venus and this could mar your mental happiness, unsatisfactory monetary conditions, poor returns from career are indicated. Beware of such problems and take due precautions. Sade Sati will not harm you at all. Read my article which will help you get a better insight into Astrology.

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