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should I marry him???

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    deepali shukla

    hello sir,
    from past many 2 years I have been trying to pursue my family for marriage to a boy. despite everything being in favour my mother is not agreeing. I lost my father last year in an accident which has added to my agony :(. if I marry that boy above all protest, will it be fruitful??? I dont want to repent for a wrong decision in future… please help me… sir..
    my details: dob:24 oct 1992
    time:10:50 pm
    place: kanpur(u.p)
    boy’s details
    dob: 22 may 1985
    time:05:40 am
    place: kanpur(u.p)
    waiting for your response.. sir

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    deepali shukla

    will be very grateful if you could predict when would I get a goverment job as I am striving hard for it…sir

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    deepali shukla

    please help me … sir 🙁

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    Navneet Khanna

    Looking at your horoscope Sun which is the Karka for Govt job and also Career is debilitated in the Natal chart, what that means is that it is not going to make it easy for you. However as Jupiter and Moon are conjoined in the 4th house and Make the Auspicious Gajakesari yoga , your career will be good. The after December 22 2014 is going to be very important as you enter the Mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Sun. Jupiter presently in the 2nd house or Dhan Bhava aspects the 10th house. Rahu which otherwise is very bad in your horoscope as it is also debilitated is in its Mooltrikona sign Virgo. The chances of a job are much more now and ever before and certainly you should give in your best to get desired results.

    Importance of Sun cannot be ignored therefore strengthening of Sun will be very important. You may do the given remedies for benefit.

    1. OM Hram Hrim Hraum Sah Suraiya Namaha 108 times daily.
    2. Respecting the elders, especially father.


    Navneet Khanna

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    deepali shukla

    thanks for the response .. sir. I lost my father in may 2013 in an accident.. ;-( will be veerrryyy grateful if you would answer my first question regarding marriage the person I want. as this is has created havoc.I dont want to take any wrong decision that would haunt me for the lifetime. please.. sir 🙁

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    deepali shukla

    please help me.. sir 🙁

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    There is a 91.86% match between your horoscopes.

    However I must add that both have a poor horoscope with less than a net 40% strength and particularly your 1st,3rd, 4th and 5th houses are not potent enough. What these houses represent you can read in my article ‘Astrology – A new Version’ on this web site or on

    The boy has a net residential strength for planets of 25.20%

    Planet Residential Strength

    Sun 82.69
    Moon 39.45
    Mars 5.69
    Mercury 36.59
    Jupiter 12.01
    Venus 7.51
    Saturn 39.32
    Rahu 1.77
    Kethu 1.77

    Net 25.20

    To your question, whether you should marry him, there is a very good match of your horoscopes though both with poor net strengths. You will get along well together through thick and thin.

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    deepali shukla

    thanku very much..sir,for your valuable response. 🙂 it has solved my problem to a great extent…

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    deepali shukla

    sir, as you told that my 1,3,4,5th houses are not potent enough. is that so that all things that these houses govern will lack from my life….????? or is there any remedy for that…?? help me sir.. 🙁

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    Please read the article “Are there remedies in Astrology” in my blog. Not potent enough does not mean absence of it. You have a strength lower than the minimum required to call it ‘Passed’, that’s all just like there is a minimum pass mark for all subjects in any examination. Is it not? Suppose you go for a medical check up, and the results are not in range desired, then what do you do, the same thing has to be done here also. You must be conscious of those drawbacks and moderate life accordingly.

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    deepali shukla

    thanku for your response .. sir. will surely follow it… 🙂

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