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Shrapit dosha in navamsa kundli??

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    Hello astrologers

    I am male
    Born on 2nd September 1986 @ 17:55 PM in Mumbai.

    What are the effects of Saturn Ketu conjunction in navamsa lagna on the native?? Is it a shrapit dosha in kundali??
    It would be great if you could give me some remedies for the same.


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    Shrapit yoga is a fake yoga invented by wayside astrologers and there is no classic reference to it in the text books of astrology. You need not worry about it at all. Yes your sixth house is very weak and that could bring some problems with Debts, Diseases and Enemies in your life which has nothing to do with Shrapit Yoga.

    For more details go through my blog. “Myths and Misconceptions in Astrology” is an article which will help you understand about many such frightening doshas which has no basis.

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    Thanks very much sir for your time and valuable insights on my chart.

    Sir just one thing what is the effect of this conjunction in navamsa lagna. As Navamsa chart is mainly for marriage, is this conjunction good or bad??

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    There will absolutely be no effect of such a conjunction in Navamsa lagna, good or bad. As I told you, you have been misled by astrologers.

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