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Skin related issues

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      Dear sir till date i had many skin problems nd eye problems.
      In childhood the little of my left hand was cut, 3 years ago i was badly scalded on my right arms, forearms, neck, shoulder.
      Also i had chicken pox earlier this year.
      And some acne and black spots keep occuring on my skin.
      Also my both eyes are very weak (myopia).
      Can u tell me that why i do hav so many skin and eye problems and remedy for this?
      6-july-1996 (Male)
      Morena (MP)

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      Your third house is the weakest in your horoscope which affects hands and shoulders. Six planets are weak in your charts and that also contributes to your physical problems. Myopia can be corrected by using appropriate glasses. For your general well being take Thriphala powder or tablets(Ayurvedic medicine) daily for about one or two years regularly on empty stomach in the morning. May be you can consult an Ayurvedic physician. I am giving the strengths and nature of your planets.

      Planets Nature Net % Strength

      Sun Benefic 47.99
      Moon Malefic 30.02
      Mars Benefic 86.32
      Mercury Benefic 37.22
      Jupiter Malefic 17.74
      Venus Benefic 34.06
      Saturn Malefic 84.18
      Rahu Benefic 29.18
      Kethu Malefic 27.07

      Net Benefic 44.66

      Perhaps you can also think of relocating yourself somewhere far away from your place of birth.

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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara rao

      Your body is highly spoiled with blood impurities and serious skin
      NO use of ordinary treatments.
      1,You have to eat only uncooked vegetables daily 5 or 6 times ,whenever
      you feel hungry through out the day.You can eat karkadi,kundru,muli,lemon
      juice,unfiltered leaf juices of leaves available in the vegetable market.

      You should not eat any cooked food and tiffins.

      Hara dhania patta,pudina patta,methi patta,tulsi patta,palak patta,
      drunsticks leaves,bilva patta etc.You can drink leaf juice of these
      leaves..You can take 20 leaves of two or three types of leaves and
      prepare smoothy and drink it as it is,without filtering.

      1A-Daily sit in sunlight for 20minutes,without shirt,bannian and pant.
      You can wear only nikker.

      1B.You have to take daily 3 cold water baths on head.
      1c.Daily feed animals and birds.

      2.If the disease is of medium type,the patient can eat cooked food
      only once in the afternoon.
      In your case ,it is very seroius and dreaded disease.

      3.If you follow the method indicated in point 1,you will improve
      6 to 7 percent in one month.
      It takes nearly 18 months minimum to get 60% cure.

      4.Complete cure takes 2 to 3 years.
      This method is called penance method cure,practised by rishis in
      ancient India.This method removes any type of sins and cures
      diseases of all types.

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      Repected sir
      I am thinking to prepare for Mba entrance in finance stream, but i have done btech.
      Should i try for mba in finance or some other stream?

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