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Speech delay

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      Shreya Mukherjee

      Hello sir, my boy is 3year 4months old and still doesn’t talk. He doesn’t have autism. He just says baba mama and some other words on his own but he never talk. Please tell me when will he talk? What should I do to help him talk.
      DOB : 11, July 2017
      Place: Durgapur, west Bengal
      Time: 1.49pm

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      You need not do anything. He will be Ok by about 2022 when is 5 years. Let him sunbathe for about 15 minutes everyday around 10am. Give him a teaspoon of honey in hot water boiled with two or three cloves, a small piece of ginger in it.

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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara Rao

      If he is already speaking few words,he can
      speak well after he attains four and half years age.
      Or some children speak after 5years of age.Dont worry.
      I am telling this after seeing so many children in my
      Generally such children are suffering with constipation.
      If he got constipation,give him two table spoons of coconut oil.
      Other points–
      1.Place him in sunlight daily for 10 mins.
      2.Massage his body with water morning and evening
      for 10mins.
      3.Make the child to follow veganism method.
      Veganism means avoiding milk,curd,buttermilk,coffee,
      tea,icecreams,chocolates,nonveg,fish and eggs.
      please see articles in internet by typing in google-kumrao99

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      Shreya Mukherjee

      Thank you very much for the reply, means so much to me.

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      Manvinder Kaur

      Hi there,
      My nephew is 2 years and 6 months old and still he doesn’t talk much. He just speaks a few words. Can you please give me insights on when he will start talking or any remedies that we can perform that would be helpful.

      His birth details are as follows:
      Date: 25 April 2018
      Time: 2:07 pm
      Place: Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

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      His Mercury is in deep debilitation and this could lead to problems like delayed or blurred speech. You should get used to it. He could be hard of hearing too.

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      Manvinder Kaur

      Is there any remedy that we can do in order to rectify his delayed speech? However, he listens and repeats words which means he do not have the hearing issues. What are your views about this?
      Can you please tell me at what age he will be able to speak clearly like children of his age do?
      Thanks and Regards

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      Please wait till 2023 when you will be sure whether he has problems at all.

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