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Speech Delay

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      My child is 2 year 4 months now. He is a preterm baby by 2 months. He is very active, understands everything and follows all the commands. He speaks very less. We are consulting speech therapist also. Pls suggest any remedies puja/ temple/ suggestions to improve him. Also, how is his overall health?

      DOB: 22 sep 2017
      Place: Bangalore
      Time: 1:58 PM

      Thanks in advance

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      He has six houses in his horoscope which are below average. You could expect some problems as he grows up. Perhaps you can take him to Yoga and Naturopathic Institute (Opposite Jindal Aluminium, Tumkur road) and consult them rather than conducting Pooja and Pariharas.

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      Sir can you please tell about speech issue. We have only speech problem.. rest everything he is fine..

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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara rao

      Massage method–
      Daily massage him for 10 minutes on alternate days.
      Veganism method—
      You have to follow veganism method for 1 year.
      Veganism means avoiding animal products.
      You have to avoid nonveg,fish,eggs,milk products for 2years.
      Milk products means milk,curd,buttermilk,tea,coffee,icecreams,
      Purity of soul is possible when you stop sweets, smoking and alcohols.
      Daily,the patient has to drink unfiltered juice 100 gms of uncooked
      The patient can eat tiffin and meals.
      Sun Bath–
      Make him sit in sun light everyday for 10minus naked,for 3months.
      This will give him nerve energy and Dvitamin will be supplied.

      There is planetary evil in horoscope.
      Take a one litre bottle and fill it water and keep it in
      sunlight for 2hours and make the patient drink that water
      throughout day.
      Again wash the bottle and keep it in sunlight for 2hours
      second day and see that patient drinks that solar water throughout
      the day.
      Minimum 40days treatment.
      Elder patients have to use 2 litre water bottle.
      Elder patient should drink 2litre solar water the entire day.

      This will cure any disease and any planetary evil
      Please see that bottle is transparent.The sunrays
      should fall on the water after entering the bottle.
      Transparent means you should be able to see water inside

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