Speech delay in child

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      My son is 3.4yrs old. Doctors have diagnosed him with simple speech delay. He is taking speech therapy. He speaks many words but based on his willingness. Still want to know when he will start talking properly/ in sentences.

      Dob. 12-Jan-2020

      Time. 15:40

      Place. Ahmedabad-Gujarat

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      He will speak well by about the second half of 2024 and you do not have to worry about it. It will be good to feed him with goat’s milk if possible.

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      Thank you for the response sir. My concern and just to clarify that he will be able to communicate his day to day activity/need via speech by next year or any time soon? Right now he explains everything by gestures and speaks only few single words when he feels so.  Pls explain….

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