Speech delay in my daughter

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      Dalbeer singh

      Sir, greetings,

      my daughter is 2.5 years old. She was born as a premie in 7th month..earlier in 9th month it’slef she started speaking some words. Past one year she stopped speaking anything. And do not socially interact or play with other kids.

      pls suggest something.
      Her details are as follows:

      name : Anoor kaur

      DOB:  18-05- 2019

      time: 9: 30 am

      place: jalandhar, punjab

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      She has a weak Jupiter in her horoscope and till 2031, her Jupiter Mahadasa is running.  She is now running Kethu antardasa which will be over in October 2022. Thereafter she will be perfectly all right. Give her goat’s milk which will improve her learning faculty.

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      Given birth-details place Udaya Lagna in a Sandhi/Cusp, at the edge or border of the Zodiac sign Gemini or Mithuna Rashi. If the birth-time were 5 minutes later it would have been placed in the Zodiac sign of Cancer or Karkataka Rashi.

      Assuming birth-details are accurate, Moon/Chandra is placed in the Zodiac sign of Libra or Tula Rashi and posited in the Lunar Constellation of Vishaka Nakshatra, ruled by Jupiter/Guru-dev. So, the little one started her life in the midst of Jupiter/Guru-dev’s Maha-Dasha. Jupiter/Guru-dev himself is placed at the edge or border of the Zodiac sign of Scorpio or Vrischika Rashi and close to Gandanta degrees, in the 6th house of Roga-Sthana, precipitating matters.

      More importantly, there seems to be too much of a malefic influence on Udaya Lagna (hardcore malefics Mars/Kuja and Rahu placed alongside Udaya Lagna are in mutual aspects with Saturn/Shani-dev and Ketu) is not a good sign – she will probably have explosive temper. Secondly, Sun/Ravi the natural signifier or Naisargika Aarogya Karaka and 3rd lord of Communication is neither happy nor comfortable being placed in the 12th house of Vyaya/Losses/Hospital or Medical expenses. Incidentally, he is hounded by low-profile miscreants Maandi and Gulika. Lastly, Lagna lord Mercury/Budha and Mars/Kuja are in Rashi Parivarthana, while Venus/Shukra and Ketu are in Sukshma Parivarthana, activating each other. For the records, both Ketu and Sun/Ravi have below par Vimsopaka Bala in Dasha Varga.

      Given the situation, it would make sense to get a detailed medical evaluation done for the child. The time (since the original post) does not bode well for the child’s father. It would perhaps make sense to consider seeking help/guidance from experienced and knowledgeable experts for suitable Vedic/Dharmic remedies, while actively seeking/following qualified medical advise.

      I would very much appreciate if the original poster (if at all he is still visiting/checking this site) were to acknowledge my understanding and provide a quick update of the current situation.

      Take care…

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