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Spouse Prediction? right or wrong?

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      Anyone plz check if my predictions are correct? especially about the spouse being from a foreign land?

      Date Of Birth: Nov 5, 1989
      name: Bhodev
      time: 11:45 AM
      location: Patna

      From this chart, from my knowledge I see:

      Spouse: same religion, different caste, different geographic locations, big water bodies near spouse house, spouse family linked to some kind of royal family from ancient times, father-in-law in the army. Might get married between mid to end of 2023. Southwest direction from native place.

      Plz, give me insights, if my predictions are correct.

      As Venus is in the 12th house, and the 2nd house to venus is Rahu, Also 7th lord is the moon and the moon is with Rahu in the same house, and the moon is the lowest degree planet. all these indicate a foreign spouse.

      thanks in advance.

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