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Time of marriage

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      Rachana Agarwal

      When will I get married?

      Dob 09.08.1983
      Tob 06.10am
      Pob Chirawa, jhunjhunu dist., Rajasthan

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      I am afraid that there are some problems in your horoscope which precludes marriage in your horoscope. However watch out for early 2022 when you might come across someone with whom you may be comfortable with. Ensure there is a good matching of horoscopes before taking any decision.

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      Namaste Astrologers, when will i get settled? ( find a job, i have lost it on may10 of 2019, and couldnot find one so far)? and will i ever be able to get married?

      my birth details:
      3rd feb 1980
      2:28 am
      Hanamkonda, warangal, india

      Thank you so much

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      You will have better times only if you relocate yourself to somewhere far away by more than 2500 kms from your birth place where you have a better transitory influence of planets. You do not stand any chance in your birth place. Read my article “Transitory influence of Planets” on my blog

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      Thank you for replying .. I am living in USA at present on h1b, and lost my job on April 10th of 2019, My alliance for marriage broke off.( this is 2nd time it happened, fist one broke in Aug 2014). ALl proposals break off at last moment, and my job is also always temporary, no matter what i do, I become victim of office politics, specially my boss. when will i get a new job and is there a marriage in my horoscope?

      Feb 3rd 1980
      2:28 AM
      Hanamkonda, Warangal, India

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      You will have to come through Paid consultation for a full scientific evaluation of your transit horoscope in USA. Read my articles on

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