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Upaya for Guru Mahadasha

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      Sanatan prabhu

      Please, suggest to me some upayas for Guru Mahadasha.
      Rahu received everything. I have lost all material (bankruptcy).
      I steel just white my wife.
      But I find Guru and got Maha mantra.
      What should I do to improve my material status.
      By Lahiry – Guru ucha in 12th bhava.
      07.08.1978 07.00 (+3 gmt) Kirovohrad (Kropivnitskiy) Ukraine
      Thank you.

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      Navneet Khanna

      In your natal chart we see that 10th lord Venus is debilitated in the second house and with Rahu. 10th house is the house of fame, career, profession and second house is the house of wealth. 10th lord debilitated in the 2nd house is never good. Also Rahu and Venus are conjoined in the Navamsha chart which signifies losses in the later half of life. Jupiter is exalted in the 12th house. Jupiter is also exalted in the Navamsha chart which means it is Vargottam. You should do the below remedies for benefits.

      1. Put a Kesar or Haldi (Turmeric ) tilak on your forehead, Adam apple or Navel every Thursdays. You can do it daily also.

      2. Recite Mantra “Om Guruve Namaha”


      Navneet Khanna

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