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When will I get marital happiness?

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      DOB: 27-12-1990
      Time: 12:50 pm noon
      Place: Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

      Date of Marriage: 28-04-2017.

      Me and my husband had beautiful relationship and lots of happiness in our first year of marriage. Later when my unmarried brother-in-law shifted with us, my husband behaviour is completely changed. He is no more interested in me. He doesn’t want to spend time with me, talk to me, roam with me. Even he comes to bed when I am asleep. He is whole day involved with his brother. I am completely okay with what he does with his brother but my issue is why not with me too. He disrespects me, insults me before him. Leaves me alone and is no more loving me like before.
      My all activities with him are now replaced with his brother. Only frequent fights, violence and tortures are in my part.
      Will my husband ever realize my true worth and count my sacrifices I made for him and his family? When will I get marital happiness and healthy satisfying relationship with him? Please help somebody, I am in lots of pain.

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      Your horoscope is Ok and there is no problem with marriage. May be your husband’s horoscope does not match with yours. Nothing can be done about it.

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      Thankyou very much Sir for your time. I respect the minutes you spent on me.
      Following is my husband’s birth detail:

      DOB: 06-10-1990
      Time: 17:42 pm.
      Place: Motihari, Bihar.

      Am I going through temporary bad Dasha or transit. When things will be smooth and I will feel happy? Please help.

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      As per traditional Kundli Milan, the Results are :

      Union is not preferable. There is substantial difference in the level of Mangal Dosha compatibility of both the horoscopes.

      If you wish to have a scientific evaluation of the compatibility you can come through Paid Consultation after reading through my blog.

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      Dear Kalayani,

      Present timing shall give You better happiness from Married and Domestic life.

      Its true that There are arguments and problems in your married life, You need to do Remedies for further betterment in married life. You can opt for my PAID REPORTS.

      Any one can contact me for PAID consultation,


      astrologer Sourav

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