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When will I marry?

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    DOB: June 29, 1991
    TOB: 02:35 AM (DST active, 1 hour)
    POB: Winchester Massachusetts, USA

    When am I most likely to be married?

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    Also, I have been told previously that I am most likely to marry in December 2017 or July 2018, but my partner and I broke up early 2017, so this is not possible.

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    Please read ‘definitions in Astrology’ article on my blog and you will get to know the answer to your question.

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    Thank you for the insight. I had assumed that marriage wasn’t exactly what was predicted but instead some significant event with a partner. I appreciate the confirmation.

    Am I also correct to assume the dates I was given may mean some type of significant interaction, possibly meeting a new partner? Or just some meaningful experience? I don’t even know if I should believe these dates are accurate, as I got them from an online astrology source haha.

    I have also been told that I have a chance of reconciling with an ex, but there is a significantly much higher chance of meeting someone new. However, I am very much a homebody who only goes out for work and errands and I only really interact with my family, so I don’t see how I could meet anyone new.

    On top of that, I have received descriptions of my potential life partner when asking about a marriage date, and they seem to describe my ex, though they could be considered broad descriptions. Stable career in some business, sound finances, athletic build, smart, attractive, ect… and some of my planetary positions suggest I would settle far from home, my ex lives in the UK.

    All of this is why I came here. I feel doomed to not have another partner!

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      Hi sara

      Your Vedic chart is very different. You don’t have any malefic planets in your Ascendant or 7th house BUT!

      You have three planets in 11th house (Cancer)

      7th lord(Marriage) Jupiter which is exalted and
      2nd lord(family Happiness) Venus
      8th lord(Problems) Malefic Mars which is debilitated combined with both Jupiter(7 and Venus
      JUPITER MARS & VENUS were placed in same Nakshtra (STAR).
      Retrograde Saturn combined with the Moon and aspects 11 th house

      In navamsha(d-9 chart) 7th house has a debilitated Jupiter

      Overall, you marriage life and you love life will have problems

      From Sep 2017 to Sep 2020 you will be in Rahu-Venus Dasha (period), in b/w this period You will get married

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    Yea, I’ve heard I’m supposed to suffer delays and things being the opposite of what I expect.

    Thank you for the information Raji =)

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