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Which Gemstone is lucky for me

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      Which Gemstone Can I wear as I am facing Financial Problems. Kindly suggest gemstones which is lucky for me.

      My name – sonali
      dob – 03 Jan 1987
      Time : 02:25 AM
      Place jodhpur

      I have already worn neeli, red coral & pearl. They have not working, please tell me which gemstone will have positive effect on my according to my horoscope.

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      Wearing gemstones as astrological remedies is not proved scientifically and their effect on human life is just a media creation to promote their business interests. And where can you get genuine gemstones and most available in the market are fake ones and even if you are able to lay hands on a genuine one, buying that will only add to your financial ill luck.

      Read my articles on my blog to get some insight into the usage of Astrology in daily life.

      Your 2nd house which indications wealth and assets etc. is having a feeble strength of 25.27% and your house of gains from other sources including career/profession has a strength of only 21.95%. The net strength of your horoscope is only 28.29% and that will be the success factor of your life. No wonder you have financial problems and wearing any gem or gems for this purpose will be a further waste of money. You should take the help of God by reciting mantras of your choice and praying to Him with dedication. Narayanakavacha recitation daily 3 times in the morning and evening could help you in this regard.

      Perhaps you will think that I do not know Astrology since most advocate all sorts of remedies to ease your problems by spending more money for this purpose. You cannot buy Luck or Happiness or Health by spending money. God has to give it to you and for that you have to surrender at his feet with full dedication and earnest to help you out.

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      I not sure if anyone has told you that you have Kalsarp dosha in your horoscope. You should also do the Kalsarp dosha puja. Saturn is the yogakarka or the dhan giving planet and you should do Saturn remedies like recite Saturn mantra as given below for improvement in your finances.

      Recite Saturn Mantra Om Praam Preem Praun Sah Shainicharaye Namaha 108 times daily.

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