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Which planet is causing damage?

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      Imran lasadi

      11:25 AM
      Karachi pakistan

      I have been running rahu dasha since 2002 and it is in my 8th house which has done so much damage to my life but i am very much confused some kundli software says that rahu dasha is going to conclude in july 2020 and some says october 2020 i dont know which one is right but that is not my concern my main concern is how my jupiter dasha is going to be like? Will it give me good reuslts regarding all the matters of my life like i am still unmarried still not earning money how will my jupiter dasha be?

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      Your Rahu dasa will be over in 28 June 2020. It has brought you so much of trouble since Rahu had only 7% strength and it was a malefic too. Jupiter though has 38% strength, it has a tendency to do more of bad things than good ones.

      Planets Nature Net % Strength

      Sun Benefic 42.07
      Moon Malefic 93.68
      Mars Benefic 2.31
      Mercury Malefic 95.07
      Jupiter Malefic 38.42
      Venus Benefic 42.74
      Saturn Benefic 87.91
      Rahu Benefic 7.21
      Kethu Benefic 10.96

      Net Benefic 53.06

      You will do better in life if you think of relocating yourself to some other country.
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      Imran lasadi

      How jupiter can be melefic its my ninth lord may be its combust? Can i wear pukhraj? And what can i expect in jupiter mahadasha?

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      Read my blog Navagraha Astrology Online if you are interested in the algorithm of planetary and house evaluation. You must be a strong mathematician to understand the calculations.

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      Why do I have so much fear and regret and worry

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      Mars is the significator of courage and your mars is having only a single digit strength. Naturally you are a timid personality. Try to wear a Red Coral on a silver ring while the Coral should always touch your body. Be careful you are likely to get blood related diseases.

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      Dua jawaid

      Hyderabad , pakistan
      Name: Dua jawaid

      I want to ask about my marriage probably in which year?

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