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Whn marriage will happn

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      My nme is Angella mungra dob 21.10.86… Time is 11.30 am… Cn u guide when will my wedding happen. Place of birth candos, I’m from Mauritius. Place of residence Plaine wilhems, curepipe, floreal. My dating relationship does nt stay long, my ex bf nme veeshal haassea born 3 March 1977 plce of residence new Grove..

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      In your horoscope Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are powerless and that is why your marriage is being delayed. The nearest possibility is in 2024 only during Mercury antardasa in Jupiter mahadasa. Have a look at the strength of planets.

      Planets Nature Net % Strength

      Sun Malefic 57.14
      Moon Benefic 26.22
      Mars Benefic 27.84
      Mercury Benefic 92.26
      Jupiter Benefic 17.49
      Venus Benefic 50.98
      Saturn Benefic 18.52
      Rahu Benefic 58.61
      Kethu Benefic 78.97

      Net Benefic 50.69

      However you will have a happy married life once it happens.

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