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Why am i a loser/?

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      Dear Astrologers

      DOB- 22\08\1994
      Time- 2:00 A.M
      Place- Mumbai
      I’m a 27  year old female and at this point I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything in my life. I could not clear my CA final exam despite all my hardwork. I don’t have a job nor am I married. I am dependent on my parents while everyone around me has good things going on in their life. I feel so cursed. when will things progress? I feel like im in the same place for the past 10 years. (I’ve been a fairly bright student my life and yet i have accomplished nothing. Will my life improve at all? Will i become a CA? Everything in my life is so delayed pls help me.

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      Navneet Khanna

      Hello Dear, As I can see you are passing through a period of Jupiter – Rahu and also Shani Sade satti. I believe that going by your chart you will get a lot of delays and obstacles in getting your results, but the good thing as Saturn is your bhagesh or your bhagya lord and well placed you will get everything. As Saturn is with Moon, it will be all about training your mind that you have to do it.

      Stop saying that you are a loser, say that you will do it, despite all challenges, only then you will be able to achieve your goals.

      Astrologically also I think you can complete your CA, so give it a try. As Jupiter mahadasha completes in November 2021, it will be better for you. Complete your chartered accountancy and then find yourself a good job. I feel it should be your priority.

      Doing the Rahu and Shani remedies will be very helpful.



      Navneet Khanna




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