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Will I get a Govt. job?

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    Will I get a government job in my life anytime SOON? I am purposefully jobless for sometimes since I am looking for a specific kind of job in the government. The exam will be in June this year.

    I also started studying astrology. So if anyone can shed some details about my Jupiter in 4th house and its aspects it will be very helpful.

    DOB: 17/04/1992
    Time: 08.10 AM
    Place: Koothattukulam, Kerala

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    Visit my blog and you will know how to evaluate a horoscope. Read all the articles.

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    I am already referring many sources. But it is not easy to evaluate a chart for beginner because there are many things to consider. I am not able to conclude the net effect, so I asked here.

    Anyway thanks for you time.

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    Navneet Khanna

    Chances of success as per your horoscope are away from your place of birth. You will earn name, fame and gain can be in foreign lands.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Thank you for replying sir.

    I have no plan to stay here. I am trying for IFS or something very similar in nature but concerned with security.

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    You have to study much more than what you have studied in life for getting through the IFS examination, it is not an easy task. A person who seeks this site for planning your future are unlikely to get through All India services examination.

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    With all respect sir, your concern is misplaced and no need to mention that it was unhelpful too.

    I said I am TRYING, not ‘going to TRY’. Also, I already said it in the beginning that I am purposefully jobless for sometimes since I am looking for a specific kind of job in the government. Do you really thing I lack purpose in my life currently?

    And since you are speaking about future, if astrology is not for planning future then what is the purpose of it? Am I really at the wrong place?

    I strongly believe sir, if the person don’t know what he is doing, then it is better to not do it. I know it is not a cake walk.

    Thank you for your time.
    loka samasta sukhino

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    Your arrogant answer shows your ignorance of astrology. Read my blog Two of my children are in the All India Services and I know how much of studies one has to make to get through the exam. And finally in the last selection luck plays a large part too.

    If you want a scientific evaluation of your horoscope, do come through Paid Consultation after reading my blog.

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