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Will i get married this year?

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    I am trying to get married from past three years. Being a post graduate trying to get a job but no use. There is no progress at all in my life . Lot of relationship breakups, lost interest in life. I am worried about my future husband, wanted to know about him, will it a love or arranged marriage. Will i get government job? Will i get married this year? If not this year can you please predict the time of marriage ? Born on 29/12/1991 time 01:25am place visakhapatnam

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    probable time periods for marriage

    July to sept 2019

    Oct 2020 till april 2021

    you are advised to take life seriouly , not to impose on careful about relatioships.
    do not crave for unnecessary publicity
    if you trying for job first prepare your self for job skills and bridge ur gaps.

    if you try hard you stand to get job in next few months.


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    Niveditha R Dileep

    my date of birth is 09/april/1994..i have rahu in my 5th house.will i get child?do i have widowhood?pls reply

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    Niveditha R Dileep

    my time period is 1.25 pm

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    You have not given the place of birth.

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    Arranged or love marriage??

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    Niveditha R Dileep

    mavelikkara ,Alappuzha,kerala is my birth place

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    Niveditha R Dileep

    my date of birth is 09/april/1994..i have rahu in my 5th house.will i get child?do i have have widowhood?pls time is 1.25 pm.Birth place is mavelikkara,Alappuzha district ,kerala.
    i have a boy friend.his dob is 18/may /1993 ,1.15 pm ,place is Alappuzha , he is match for me?

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Your lagna is Kataka(cancer).
    First house-No planet.
    Lagna owner moon is with Kuja in 9th house.-very good.
    Neecha Budha is also in 9th house.-Not good.
    Sun is also in 9th house.-Very good.
    4th house–Retrograde Guru..Very good.
    5th house-rahu–Bad.
    Fifth house owner kuja is in 9th house–Very good.
    eighth house-Sani-Bad.
    10th house–Sukra–very very good.
    Guru is seeing Sukra.It is very good.
    Sani is also seeing Sukra.-bad.

    There is no question of widowhood,as Guru is seeing
    There will be delay in getting child,as Rahu is in fifth house.
    But fifth house owner Kuja is in 9th house,which is good.
    Sani is seeing rahu.

    You are running Budha period upto October 2024.
    This period is not so good.From october 2024,you
    will have very good period.
    You have got very good future.
    You will marry an excellent person.
    Guru gives you raja yoga.

    Present period is not so good.
    You have to do penance for one year,to improve
    working of Budha dasa.
    Please read in google.–kumrao99 penance method.

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    Niveditha R Dileep

    sir will i have children?i mentioned about my would be .Vineeth v nair .dob is 18/mmay/ 1.15 pm, place is cherthala.Alappuzha he suitable for me

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