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Win lottery as per horoscope

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      Dear Astrologers
      A few astrologers in the past have indicated that I have lottery luck in my chart. I would love to know how can astrology help me to know the right timing to play the lottery for making sure I will win. Please dont misunderstand me to be greedy but I would love to shelter stray animals and do whatever good possible using that money. present lifestyle is not enough for even a decent survival so some lottery can definitely help. My birth details are
      9th june 1974,
      time 10.10 am,
      place Jamkhandi karnataka.
      my recent past jupiter mahadasha-venus antardasha has been extremely difficult with lot of health issues. but would like to know if I have a better future.
      I will highly appreciate any and all opinions. Thanks to all who took time to read my chart.
      Warm regards

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      You have been fooled by the astrologers. Your 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th houses are very weak. And your health problems are due to that. Read my blog and you will get a better insight of astrology.

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        Dear Sir

        Thankyou for your reply. I am not an astrologer myself so even by reading your blogspot I will not be able to understand the technicalities of this science. hence the questions. It was just out of curiosity that I asked this question. I never really believed in lottery myself or I would not have been slogging i out since 16 years of age. I took “any ” job that I can to make a living and funded my own education too. was never a burden even for my parents.
        Yes health has been an issue since feb 2016 and for the most part I have recovered. Right now I am trying to get a job as early as possible so that I can recover my financial health back.
        Will appreciate if you can give an insight on the career front please.

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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara rao

      What are your health problems?
      Since how long you were sick?
      I agree with Sri TMR about your luck.
      So concentrate on your health.
      You see in google –kumrao99 holistic healing.

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        Dear Mr. Rao
        I have depression issues. I have survived a snakebite and surgeries in the past 2-3 years. I havent been able to take up a job becs of hospitalisations. but i am a bit better now. I seriously want to know when can i find a good job. I am also on the lookout to buy a small house. I have not found anything in my budge yet. I will appreciate if you can let me know when will I be able to find a job and a house.


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