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Worst kundli

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    Dear astrologers,

    I have shown my kundli to many astrologer and according to them that i will have bad family life. I am in so much stress.i wonder if anything good in my life.
    Dob 15/02/179
    Tob 17:08
    Birthplace Jabalpur
    Gender : female

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    You are now running Jupiter Mahadasa and Mercury antardasa. Jupiter though is a Benefic has only a meagre strength of 20% and Mercury a Malefic has a strength of 10% which is deplorable. This could be the reason for the stressful period up to April 2021. Read my blog for more details. Venus, Kethu and Saturn are the best planets in your chart.

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    Sorry for typo…
    My dob : 15/02/1979
    By mistake it was written 179.

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    Thank you TMR sir…

    The astrologer we have met said venus, ketu and saturn are bad in chart.
    Kindly give insight.

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    I have taken the year as 1979. Have a look at the strength and nature of all planets.

    Planet Nature Net Strength

    Sun Malefic 20.01
    Moon Benefic 22.59
    Mars Benefic 16.50
    Mercury Malefic 10.45
    Jupiter Benefic 20.43
    Venus Benefic 89.47
    Saturn Benefic 88.75
    Rahu Malefic 69.46
    Kethu Benefic 73.72

    Net Benefic 46.41

    You can read my blog to know the algorithm of arriving at the above strength and nature of the planets.

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    Thank you…
    As i know less about astrology i told what i was informed.
    Thank you !!!
    Keep blessing me.

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