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    Yes, that is good. Your question is now clear. Well, your career house the 10th and House of Gains the 11th has the following strengths.

    10 Career, Profession, Job Satisfaction, Knees 37.34
    11 Gains, Returns from Career, Calf and ankles 57.89

    The pass mark is 35% and you have only 37.34% strength, which is just Ok. But however the gains from your career would be to the tune of 57.89% which is quite good. This pattern will continue throughout your life. And I think teaching job best fits you since you have a liking towards the job and the returns you get is quite satisfactory.

    You will be all right with your returns from career, but job satisfaction will not be much since the career house is not all that potent.

    Best of Luck. Read my article on

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    The planetary dispositions are as follows :
    Planet Good % Bad% Nature

    Sun 21.12 71.88 Malefic
    Moon 28.97 67.77 Malefic
    Mars 68.50 29.53 Benefic
    Mercury 76.53 13.95 Benefic
    Jupiter 4.80 66.13 Malefic
    Venus 21.60 77.58 Malefic
    Saturn 19.93 32.40 Malefic
    Rahu 4.80 66.13 Malefic
    Kethu 76.53 13.95 Benefic

    Rahu in your charts has 66.13% bad influence as against 4.80% good influence. And the next dasa of Jupiter also is equally bad.

    Perhaps it would be better to change your business career to something which suits you depending upon your expertise and experience. If  you give your other options, perhaps we can help.

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    The question is wrongly phrased. You should give your expertise and the options depending upon your qualifications and experience and then if you ask this question, we could give you a better answer.

    Please give such details before raising a query if you want a pertinent answer.

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    Rajan, is your time of birth 8:45 a.m. or 8:40 a.m. Look at the heading where you have mentioned 8:40 a.m. while in your post you have mentioned 8:45. Which is correct. And what is it you want to know about the future. The question is very vague. Can you ask your questions clearly?

Viewing 4 posts - 9,841 through 9,844 (of 9,844 total)