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Effective Kaalsarp Dosha Remedies

Kaal Sarp Yog is an astrological formation between Rahu, the Moon’s North Node and its south node, Ketu.  It is reckoned to be a terrible planetary configuration in any horoscope, holding back other planetary benefits to individuals. Kaalsarp Dosh is a combination of two words Kaal i.e. Time and Sarp i.e. snake – essentially all the planets being aligned within ...

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KalSarp Dosha- Analysis of an Horoscope

Kaal Sarp dosh is one of the most dreaded dosha considered these days in Vedic astrology. When the native gets to know that he/she has Kaal Sarp dosh, it is a shock. Actually some astrologers and Pundits make a big hue and cry about Kal Sarp dosh. Is kalsarp dosh really all that bad. Does it destroy marriages, brings ill ...

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