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The Importance Of Papasamyam In Marriage


Papasamyam is a decisive aspect of matchmaking. When astrologers match horoscopes to check for suitability before fixing a match, Papasamyam is used to calculate the dosham in the horoscopes to figure out whether the prospective bride and groom are suitable for each other or not. The position of Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu and  Ketu in a horoscope determines the dosham. ...

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What is Papa Samyam in Horoscope Matching, Kundali milan

Papa Samayam

PAPASAMYAM is a south Indian method to calculate the doshas in horoscope. This is a very strong tool in south Indian astrology for checking the amount of doshas in horoscope of the boy and girl and decide about their marriage. Why checking Papa samyam is important in Horoscope matching / Kundali Milan. Papa samyam means balancing of affliction. If there ...

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