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Virgo and Pisces – Love friendship compatibility – Zodiac Signs

Virgo and Pisces

Pisces are caring and romantic in nature while Virgo are intelligent and use common sense.  Pisces persons bringing the fantasy and Virgo persons the practicality which fits perfectly.  Virgo and Pisces Compatibility Characteristic  Pisces man is emotional, powerful, creative, intuitive and caring. He is also a sensitive and most trusted friend. Pisces men sense and feel things which other miss this ...

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  A seems to be a happy combination of discipline and tolerance. Both seems to be highly unconventional and possess strong intuition, helpful and sympathetic by nature. Virgos are highly talented, methodical, active, skillful, fast learners and have a pragmatic approach to problems. However they do get nervous easily and are lacking in decision making and self-confidence. Virgo is one ...

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