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Vedic Remedies To Attract Money, Success and Wealth

money in horoscope

Certain Yogas in your horoscope could be keeping you from making abundant money and getting wealthy. The placement of Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and the Moon determines your money luck and whether you will be able to amass a substantial amount of money. When these planets are placed in unfavourable houses in the birth chart, it could signify a yoga ...

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Yantra for Financial Gains, Health, Career and Happiness

A yantra as used in prayers is a instrument, talisman or a mystical diagram. It is visible form of the mantra or the planet to which it corresponds. It is believed that commendable results are attained when specific yantras are used for different gods and goddesses, especially during the puja. Therefore like mantras, yantras are energy body and slow remarkable ...

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