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When will I get married – Marriage Timing and Astrology

Everyone wants to know when will he/she will get married.  working out Marriage timing through astrology is one of the reasons why people consult an astrologer. Marriage  is a coming together of two people who decide to spend life together. It is said that matches are made in heaven, so when this event is likely to materialize causes anxiety in ones life. However with the help of Vedic Astrology we can come to know the period when this moment is likely to take place in a natives life.

Below are some of the factors through which a person can know the Marriage Timing through the help of astrology.

In case of girls 90 % of focus we give to the Jupiter and its influence as it is the significator of husband and also study Venus which is the Karka of marriage and significator of marriage for males. We also study Saturn which plays a important role in marriage, besides Rahu and Ketu which can bring delay in marriage. According to general rule marriage can be calculated by the 7th lord, planets positioned in the 7th house and taking in consideration the following factors.

Some Important Considerations for Marriage Timing are:

  1. It may happen during the dasha period of 7th lord or planets which aspect the 7th house.
  2. During the marriage age of 24 – 30 preference should be given to 7th lord and 7th house and their lord and their placements.
  3. When 7th house is aspected by some planet then the Mahadasha of that planet may give desired rewards.
  4. Mahadasha and Antar Dasha is of the same planets which are placed or aspect the 7th house.
  5. Mahadasha and antardasha of 2nd house and 4th house.
  6. Jupiter transit aspects the 7th house, 5th house and lagna.

Some of the other factors that influence the marriage timing is the Rashi of the 7th house. For example if the Sign belongs to Mercury then it is likely that the marriage will take place before 22nd year of birth. If the sign belongs to Saturn then it can bring marriage even after the 30th year of birth.

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About Navneet Khanna

Astrologer Navneet Khanna, is a former World Bank & SIDA consultant, he has held many prestigious projects in India and Africa before settling down in his native place, near Chandigarh and following his passion in Vedic Astrology. Navneet is very scientific and logical in his Predictions. He reasons his predictions because of which he has a worldwide following and people from many countries solve their problems with his help. He is an expert in Marriage and Love Relationship. In Marriage Matching he does analysis of Guna Milan and also Grah Milan (Matching of the Planets) and will tell you effects and remedies of Nadi Dosha, Bhakoot Dosha & Gana Dosha if present. He is an Expert Astrologer on Many Indian & Foreign Websites like and a frequent writer for many national and international websites and magazines. Navneet believes that Vedic Astrology is a vast subject, it is an ocean of knowledge and wisdom. It is simply up to the individual to jump into the ocean and extract the pearls. With his vast experience on occult subjects he has been associated with leading astrologers in India to promote astrology. Navneet Khanna believes that the energy and inspiration behind him is the Blessings of the Almighty. You may contact him on his number 0091-9417884861 .

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  1. hello,

    myself subhashree swain
    DOB – 25/09/1988
    time – 8:30 PM
    place of birth – Bolangir, Odisha, India.

    kindly please tell my marriage date and regarding my life partner.

    thank you.

  2. When I will get married ? My marriage will be a love marriage or arrange marriage ? When I will go to foreign ?
    DOB- 25/10/1987

  3. When i will get married d.o.b-29-01-1979 time8:20pm n my name is megha mudgil

  4. When I will get married? In which year? Tell me about my life partner.
    Time –5:40apm. Waiting for reply…

  5. namsakar, my behan ka naam arathi kumari hai, uska dob 04 Jan 1991 and place chapra, bihar, india hai

  6. M megha mudgil n my d.o.b is 29.01.1979 time 8:20pm n i m asking about when my second marrige will happen i got married in 22nd february 2014 that marrige has anulled i mvery much worried about 2nd marrige help me n tell me about remedies which r helpful getting me married as soon as

  7. Hi,
    I my name is Sri Rama durga I wanted to know when will I get married
    My DOB is 27 may 1988, time: 11.41 PM, birth place: sindhanur Karnataka, time: 11.41 PM

  8. Hi sir I m maliha plz tell me when will I get married my date of birth 27/11/1990 at 4 pm

  9. Hello sir
    When will I get married ?
    My DOB 14/02/1985
    Time 3:42 am
    Place gokarn karnataka

  10. Hi sir,
    Im Umadevi S .
    I want to know when I ll get married .
    My D.O.B – 26.04.1990
    Time 3.50 pm
    Place- Erode, Tamil Nadu, India

    • your horoscope is weak on the marital front. Delays and obstacles are strongly indicated. Possibility of marriage is there in 2017, if due to any reason marriage does not take place then it will be in your 29 year of birth.


      Navneet Khanna

  11. When will i get married?
    DOB 14/08/84
    10:30 AM

    • Looking at your horoscope we see that the 7th house is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter is in the 4th house. You are in the mahadasha of Mercury and antardasha of Venus. The marriage period if going on and strong before May 2018. Wear Yellow Sapphire in Gold on your right hand Index finger.


      Navneet Khanna

  12. Please let me know when will i get married

    DOB – 19/12/1985
    Place – Proddattur (Andhra Pradesh)
    Time – 9:15pm

  13. When will i get married. My name is kanchan. Date of birth 15-11-1987. Place of birth delhi. Time 12.15pm(mrng)

  14. Sir,
    Can u please tell me when i will get married
    Date of birth 14/06/1990
    Place lucknow
    Time 8:40

  15. When I will get married
    DOB 08 Dec 1988
    Place Amritsar
    Time 07:30 am

  16. when will i get married and what age

  17. 20 december 1993

  18. Venkatesh annasagaram

    When I will get as per date dob 13.25 pm and date of birth 18/04/1989

  19. my name : sandeep
    DOB : 5/12/1990
    Time : 7:45am
    Place : madikeri,karnataka,india
    When I will get married ? My marriage will be a love marriage or arrange marriage ?

  20. When will I get married my dob 20/09/1990
    Time: 23:37
    Place : jaipur rajasthan

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