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Reply To: Sade Sati and Venus Antardasa

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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

Dear Vikas
Your 10th cusp sublord is Jupiter in 11th (lord of 6th and 9th) in the star of Rahu in 2nd applying to 3rd house and in Jup sub. Hence if we take Rahu it is in the star of Moon in 5th applying to 6th. Hence you will get service in the relevant periods.
Saturn is in 1st house in the star of Ketu in 8th and in conjuction with 9th cusp. Again Ketu acts as an agent for Jupiter (lord of 6th and 9th in 11th) and Ketu treated as in conjunction with Venus (lord of 4th in 4th) and Mars (lord of 10th in 12th). Saturn is in the sub of Rahu in 2nd applying to 3rd cusp in Moon star in 5th applying 6th. Hence Saturn signifies 1st, 8th, 4th, 12th,9th and 11th. In this period you have to experience the results what you have faced.

As Sade-sati and Saturn antara are going on please wait upto 08-10-2017. Since then there would be some betterment. In Merc antara you will get a job, but they will not give you job satisfaction. You will enjoy mixed results of both happiness and bitterness in your life.

Sade sati would be over in January 2023. Your 5th cusp( antra sthana ) and 11th cusp (fulfillment of desire) sublord is Mars pray lord Kartikeyan for solution to problems. “Aadityahrudayam” is also good for development and secured job.

Good Luck

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