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Quick review of horoscope reveals

1) Husband’s horoscope- Good chances of having a child albeit after delay because Saturn aspects 5th lord Mars, Jupiter karaka of child is retrograde and most planets have 1,4,10 which delays conception. Still you will get a child as
* Cuspal sublord of 5th house is Venus in 11th house
* 5th lord Mars is in first house in Chalit
You are under Jupiter Mahadasha (lagna lord) & Rahu Antradasha 25/3/2017 to 18/8/2019. Jupiter Pratyantar has started from 3/8/2017 and will last till 28/11/2017 which is excellent for child birth.

Remedy- Chant “Aum gram grim graum sah gurave namah” 300 times daily till 28/11/2017. Wearing a Moonga/red coral to strengthen Mars will help as well (Mars is yogakaraka for you!)

2) Wife’s horoscope- this horoscope is weak (NOT denial) for child birth as 5th lord Venus is in 8th house afflicted by Rahu and currently Saturn Mahadasha and Saturn Antra is operating which is weak for child birth as 1,4,10 shows difficulty in conception (till 4/4/2018).

Saturn-Mercury starting from 4/4/2018 is excellent time for conception as Mercury has 2,5,11 in planet and nakshatra + has Jupiter is nakshatra lord and Venus as sublord (both planets are conducive for child birth!)

Following remedies are suggested
* Wearing a 1 carat solitaire to strengthen Venus
* Chant Om Draam Dreem Draum Sah Shukraya Namah 24000 times in 21 days

Please consult a doctor and try different treatments. Astrology shows the way and medical science is the path forward for these things.

May god bless you both!
Astrologer Deepak

P.S. please tell me a # between 1-249 to use prashna lagna to see when are best chances

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