Krishna Janmashtami 2023: Do’s and don’ts to Keep in Mind

Krishna janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami – Do’s and don’ts:

Krishna Janmashtami, also known as Janmashtami or Gokulashtami, is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India. It marks the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is revered for his wisdom, love, and mischievous charm. This joyous occasion is observed with great fervor and enthusiasm by millions of Hindus across the world. To ensure that the celebration remains spiritually enriching and culturally meaningful, it’s essential to be aware of the do’s and don’ts associated with this festival. In this article, we will explore the key guidelines for celebrating Krishna Janmashtami with devotion and respect.

The Do’s of Celebrating Krishna Janmashtami:

  1. Fasting and Abstinence: One of the most common practices during Janmashtami is fasting until midnight, the supposed time of Lord Krishna’s birth. Devotees abstain from consuming grains, beans, and certain vegetables, opting for a diet of fruits, milk, and dairy products. Fasting is a way to purify the body and mind, enabling a deeper connection with the divine.
  2. Decorating the House: Decorate your home with colorful rangolis, flowers, and traditional motifs. Create a welcoming ambiance with oil lamps and candles. The idea is to make your surroundings as beautiful as possible to honor the auspicious occasion.
  3. Dressing Up: Wear traditional Indian attire, such as sarees or dhotis, to celebrate Janmashtami. Many people also dress up young children as Lord Krishna, complete with his characteristic peacock feather crown. Dressing in traditional attire adds to the festive atmosphere.
  4. Observing Bhajans and Kirtans: Participate in bhajans (devotional songs) and kirtans (spiritual chants) dedicated to Lord Krishna. These musical offerings help elevate your consciousness and create a sense of unity among devotees. Singing and dancing to Krishna’s bhajans is believed to purify the heart and soul.
  5. Midnight Celebration: The birth of Lord Krishna is believed to have occurred at midnight. Devotees often gather at temples or in their homes to celebrate this auspicious moment. Conch shells are blown, bells are rung, and there is a sense of joy and anticipation as the clock strikes 12.
  6. Offering Prayers and Aarti: Offer prayers to Lord Krishna with a sincere heart. Perform aarti (a ritual of waving lit lamps before the deity) and seek his blessings for peace, prosperity, and spiritual growth. Offerings of sweets, fruits, and milk are made to the deity.
  7. Reading Scriptures and Stories: Spend time reading and discussing the stories and teachings of Lord Krishna, as mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita and other sacred texts. Reflecting on his wisdom and actions can deepen your understanding of the festival’s significance.
  8. Engage in Acts of Charity: Janmashtami is also a time for giving. Consider making donations to the less fortunate, feeding the hungry, or providing for those in need. Acts of charity are believed to be especially meritorious during this auspicious time.
  9. Building a Jhula (Swing) for Lord Krishna: Many devotees create a jhula (swing) adorned with flowers and garlands to represent Lord Krishna’s playful nature as a child. This swing is used to place an idol or image of Lord Krishna, and devotees gently sway it while singing devotional songs.
  10. Engaging in Leela (Dramatic Recreations): Some devotees stage dramatic recreations of Lord Krishna’s life events, known as ‘leela.’ These performances help convey the essence of Krishna’s life and teachings while adding an entertaining element to the celebration.

The Don’ts of Celebrating Krishna Janmashtami:

  1. Avoid Overindulgence: While fasting is a significant part of Janmashtami, it’s essential not to overindulge in rich and heavy foods once the fast is broken. Overeating can lead to discomfort and distract from the spiritual focus of the festival.
  2. Refrain from Non-Vegetarian Food: Janmashtami is a vegetarian festival. Devotees abstain from consuming meat, fish, and eggs during this time as a mark of respect for Lord Krishna’s love for cows and his advocacy for non-violence.
  3. Say No to Alcohol and Tobacco: Avoid the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and other intoxicants during the festival. These substances not only impede spiritual growth but also go against the values and teachings of Lord Krishna.
  4. Maintain Sanctity and Purity: While participating in Janmashtami celebrations, maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness. Avoid any impure activities, such as lying, cheating, or harming others, as these go against the teachings of Lord Krishna.
  5. Refrain from Excessive Noise: While celebrations are joyous, it’s essential to maintain a respectful environment. Avoid excessive noise, loud music, and disturbing activities, especially during the late hours, as it can disrupt others’ peace and meditation.
  6. Respect Temple Guidelines: If you visit a temple for Janmashtami, follow the rules and guidelines set by the temple authorities. Show respect to the priests, other devotees, and the sanctum sanctorum.
  7. Avoid Wasting Food: Janmashtami is a time for sharing and caring. Do not waste food; instead, ensure that any offerings made to the deity are distributed among the needy or consumed responsibly.
  8. Curb Materialistic Desires: Janmashtami is a reminder of Lord Krishna’s teachings about detachment from material possessions. Avoid indulging in excessive shopping or materialistic pursuits during this time.
  9. Do Not Engage in Violence: Emulate Lord Krishna’s message of non-violence. Avoid any violent or harmful activities, including disputes, arguments, or conflicts with others.
  10. Do Not Commercialize the Festival: Janmashtami is a spiritual celebration, not a commercial opportunity. Avoid excessive commercialization, such as selling religious items for profit, and focus on the festival’s true essence.

Krishna Janmashtami is a beautiful and spiritually enriching festival that allows devotees to connect with the divine through prayer, fasting, and celebration. By following the do’s and don’ts mentioned in this article, you can ensure that your observance of Janmashtami is meaningful, respectful, and in alignment with the teachings and values of Lord Krishna. This auspicious occasion provides an opportunity to deepen your spiritual journey, foster compassion, and celebrate the wisdom and love of the beloved deity, Lord Krishna.

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