Tarot Cards to Inspire Your Next Tattoo

tarot tattoo ideas

The popularity of tattoos is consistently increasing. One of the most popular current trends uses images from the Tarot deck to portray both meaning and imagery. Each Tarot card has a different interpretation, ensuring there is an ideal symbol for everyone. Below are the meaning of Tarot Cards which you can use for your next San Francisco Tattoo. In this article, we tell you about tarot tattoo ideas.

Looking for ideas? These Major Arcana Tarot cards are sure to inspire your next tattoo. 

Tarot tattoo ideas for your next Tattoo

The Star

This card represents spirituality, renewal, purpose, faith and hope. This card is a connection to other worlds. The image of the star is ideal if you need more whimsy in your days and nights. The image is also an important reminder to have faith.

The Death Card

The Death card does not always refer to physical death. This card can symbolize the end of a pursuit, connection or relationship. The image is one of self awareness, showing an ending is not always bad. The image of the grim reaper depicts the knowledge gained from the ending of something important, showing the importance of experience and knowledge.

The Fool

The tattoo of the fool is meant to remind you to have faith in the future and new beginnings. From the floppy hat to the big grin to the wide eyes, the fool teaches it is all right to be inexperienced. This is a card of adventure, beginners’ luck, belief in the universe and improvisation. This image is ideal if you need to carry around a little extra luck.

The Sun

The sun is a positive image of joy and celebration. The tattoo is a reminder you must be in tune with your desires and needs to find the truest form of happiness. Every time you look at your tattoo of the sun, you will remember to let the light into your life.

The Moon

The moon represents all the possibilities of life. The decisions and choices you make will determine your path in life. Your intuition serves as your guide. The tattoo of the moon is meant to remind you life has infinite choices.

The Lovers

This is the card of all relationships. This card reveals the direction your romantic life will take whether you follow love or lust. The image of two bodies reaching out for or holding one another makes an important statement. Love has enough power to guide you to the right path.


The card of strength is the depiction of a muscular man or woman remaining calm and cool while under stress. The individual is often portrayed standing within the circle of a snake. This represents your power and will, showing you can master all difficulties in your path. This is the perfect tattoo if you need to be reminded you possess the strength to succeed.

The Magician

The image of a magician surrounded by swirling lights provides encouragement to tap into your full potential. The magician is a symbol of the capabilities and talents so often hidden and waiting to be discovered. The positive nature of this image is capable of changing your life. The tattoo will remind you to release you passions and take risks and chances.

The Wheel of Fortune

This card tells you a change in your life is imminent. The portrayal of the wheel defines the upcoming changes such as going from rich to poor or vice versa. This is a reminder you can change the meaning of your life.

The Empress

The portrayal of the feminine and beautiful figure of the Empress is about creating a family and love. The card is telling you the only one who can navigate your life is you. You must never forget you posses the will and the power to change your life. This tattoo is a reminder you have the power necessary to live the life you desire.

The Justice Card

The picture of a gleaming sword is meant to convey a fair decision will always be made. The sword does not succumb to bias and will not be swayed in the determination of a fair outcome. This is a reminder each party must be considered equally to reach the best decision.

The Chariot

The image of the chariot conveys conquering conflicts and hardship to progress in the right direction. The card reveals any obstacle you face can be overcome through hard work. This tattoo will remind you the power to control the direction of your life is in your hands.


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